Quiénes somos

We are a company thar for more than 25 years we specialize in the design, production, marketing and distribution of command cables for mechanical drive, with aapplication in various areas.

Our History

In 1992 we began manufacturing command cables for bicycles and control cables for the home appliances market.
Two years later we began manufacturing command cables for motorcycles. Around this time, our company experienced a lot of growth in our domestic market by adding official distributors in the main cities of Argentina. In 1995 we added the line of command cables for motorcycles such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, Daelim and others. Manufacturers of home appliances also begin to use our products as their OEM parts.

In 1996 we started in the international market; in Brazil we began to supply replacement command cables for motorcycles and speedometers. In this same year we developed the manufacturing of throttle and control cables for lawnmowers, brush cutters, trimmers, chainsaws, high wheel mowers, mini-tractors, etc. Several nationwide distributors incorporated our products for their replacement markets, as well as Brazil, Mexico, Venezuela, Estonia, Belgium and USA.
We feature products with our own brand, and also we supply components to third party companies and other command cables manufacturers.
With our process, such as stamping and balancing of parts, injection, microinjection, plastic extrusion, aluminum injection, semi-automatic and automatic turning, we are capable of developing and manufacturing 80% of the component parts that go into our products.

This ample experience and institutional profile make EVOLUTION CONTROL CABLES a leader in the industry, attribute that is reflected in the qualitative and technological development of our products. With an industrial factory gifted with technological advancement, high automation and advanced design software, we have reached a quality level that allows us to serve markets that are highly competitive and dynamic with maximum efficiency.